The Sacred Valley

Our first Sacred Valley stop was the Sunday Pisac Market. It was remarkably "tourist-free".

We had lunch at the tourist buffet at the Tunupa restaurant and sampled Peruvian Ceviche, Alpaca, and many other Andean specialties. After lunch we visited the ruin of Ollantaytambo.

Oyllantantabmo-4.JPG Oyllantantabmo-5.JPG Oyllantantabmo-6.JPG Family-3.JPG Family-S1.JPG Oyllantantabmo-7.JPG Family-S4.JPG Oyllantantabmo-1.JPG Oyllantantabmo-2.JPG Oyllantantabmo-3.JPG Oyllantantabmo-8.JPG

The town of Ollantaytambo is built on the Inca foundations. The red bag on the stick means that Cincha, a corn based fermented beverage, is served.

InkaTown-1.JPG InkaTown-2.JPG InkaTown-5.JPG

A few familes supplement their income by living in an Incan style and allowing tours of their homes.

InkaTown-4.JPG InkaTown-3.JPG

We spent the nights at La Casona del Yucay, the smaller and quieter of two hotels in the village of Yucay. On our second day, we went rafting on the Urubamba River. This was mostly floating with a few class 2 and 2 and a half rapids. Chase was in heaven; Kami got dizzy. Ironically, our raft companions were two federal prosecutors from San Diego! The river has only a few large bridges across it and many small suspension bridges.

Rafting-1.JPG Rafting-2.JPG Bridge.JPG

Chase tried his hand at the frog game and we checked out the Guinea Pigs (a Peruvian delicacy).

Game-2.JPG Game-1.JPG Guinea.JPG

We stopped at Ceramica Semanario in Urubamba. Pablo Semanario has revived traditional local pottery.

Semanario-1.JPG Semanario-2.JPG

In the late afternoon, we went on a hike through the Incan terraces and up the hills behind Yucay. There were some caves part tucked in the hillside but we didn't have enough time to hike to them. We hiked to an abandoned Mill and walked back along the Incan canal.

Yucay-4.JPG Yucay-1.JPG Yucay-7.JPG
Yucay-6.JPG Yucay-8.JPG Yucay-2.JPG
Caves.JPG Yucay-5.JPG Yucay-3.JPG