Cuzco has many buildings from the colonial period.

streets.JPG Colonial.JPG church2.JPG church3.JPG church.JPG church4.JPG fount.JPG

When the Spaniards colonized the Incan capital, part of the domination was to build on top of the Incan building including the Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun).

ColonialInka.JPG ColonialInka2.JPG ColonialInka3.JPG colonialinka4.JPG inkadoor.JPG TempleofSun.JPG fresco.JPG

We visited Incan sites near Cuzco; the names have many spelling variations. Tambo Machay is a small site with springs and beautiful fountains very close to the red fortress of Pucapucara.

tambo2.JPG Tmb.JPG pucapucara.JPG

Kenko includes circular amphitheater with niches and a cave with carved tables and steps inside.

kenko.JPG kenkocircle.JPG Cave.JPG

Sacsayhuaman zigzags in the hills just a few miles above Cuzco. The walls are huge with rounded corners. A rock concert was planned for Sunday and then the Inti Rayni party was to take place later in the week to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

ssy6.JPG Ssy1.JPG Ssy3.JPG ssy4.JPG Concert.JPG
In preparation for the celebration of Inti Rayni, there were parades throughout the city all day and through the evening.

Parade1.JPG Parades.JPG Parade2.JPG parade4.JPG parade5.JPG

pIt was very relaxing to come back from the crowds to the Monasterio which was only a couple of blocks off the Plaza del Armas.

Monasterio.JPG flag.JPG